Stable epidemiological situation in Las Tunas regarding the COVID-19

The health authorities in this province assure that its epidemiological outlook remains stable with only three positives for COVID-19, caused by the new SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus; all of them, contacts of sick patients.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- To date, more than 1,400 people have been investigated through the fast kits testing and only one was positive; however, real-time PCR did not confirm such a diagnosis.

Dr. Viviana Gutiérrez Rodríguez, director of Health in Las Tunas"I think that the Cuban Health System and the discipline of many protagonists in our population have allowed these results in the province. But we cannot trust ourselves, because these two weeks will be the most difficult, the highest peak of the epidemic in the country ” Dr. Viviana Gutiérrez Rodríguez, director of Health in the territory, explained to local radio.

She reaffirmed that it is a highly transmissible virus and although all the actions have been carried out, the people from Las Tunas are not exempt from contagion. Therefore, hygiene measures and that for protection of professionals in the sector must be complying with to avoid the spread of such a dangerous disease.

Regarding the handling of travelers, she reiterated that from March 24 they are transferred from the airport itself to the isolation centers that operate here in Cerro de Caisimú and the University of Medical Sciences. “This decision allowed us to work in a more centralized way and without a doubt, with greater control.

Gutiérrez affirmed that the main risk is related to travelers controlled in Primary Health Care. “Before that date, we had citizens from abroad in the communities and a determined figure of them still remains. Their discipline and the control of the family doctor and nurse are decisive in the success of this great battle because despite the negative tests, we cannot neglect them and they must stay in isolation at home until they comply with the quarantine.”

"This disease does not respect ages," she says, "we are all exposed to it; although the main complications occur in patients with chronic conditions. The most vulnerable are those over 60, because organically they have a greater deterioration, caused by other diseases.

"The country has designed all-action protocols for different age groups and possible complications. I consider that the immune-modulator treatment will allow a minimum lethality, which is one of the essential objectives of the health sector, which has highly competent personnel.

"Our hospitals are ready to take on any emergency with the COVID-19. In recent days, acute respiratory infections have not reached an epidemic peak, so we are in a stable moment. Even so, we maintain hospital conditions and all active professionals in order to assume the different strategies.”

These days, the eyes are aimed at preventing the spread of the pandemic, but without neglecting other health problems that affect the population today and vital programs such as the Child and Mother Care. However, medical assistance and confrontation actions to COVID-19 must be accompanied by the responsible attitude of the entire people; only in this way will Cubans embrace triumph in the face of this ruthless enemy.