Top authorities of the Provincial Defense Council in Las Tunas

The Provincial Defense Council (CDP) in Las Tunas and the homologous structures in the municipalities remain permanently activated in order to verify strict compliance with the guidelines adopted by the country and those set forth in the territory to confront the new coronavirus, said Manuel Pérez Gallego, president of that body.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- Under his direction, and that of the vice president, Jaime Chiang Vega, the epidemiological state of the province, the production and distribution of protective masks, food, and drugs of Natural and Traditional Medicine are analyzed every day, in addition to material conditions of the isolation centers, among other important issues in this scenario.

During the recent broadcast of the Alto y Claro radio program, the president of the Defense Council in Las Tunas highlighted the commitment, vocation for service and responsibility of the province's authorities, officials and workers in key positions, towards the population, whose demands and states of opinion are valued on a daily basis, and are essential in making the most appropriate decisions.

He said that in each constituency a fundamental work is carried out, since from the base and in coordination with the Community Work Group and the mass organizations, work is done to visit each home.

"What has been achieved, with everyone's unity, to get home to home, I would say that it is the greatest strength that we can have in the province. There are even municipal defense councils where all the homes have been visited," he said.

Referring to the distribution of products that are now sold as part of the basic basket, he stated that the purpose is that no one is left without receiving this service and all the details are organized in order to achieve an equitable distribution.

"We ask for confidence in the authorities. Nothing is being improvised and we work minute by minute, without rest, to find a solution to each problem and concern of the population. But we need to strengthen the unity of all the people of Las Tunas, and the unity among the people of Las Tunas is tt shows in being more disciplined, conscious, acting with more solidarity in the neighborhoods and contributing to each mission and task," he said.

Manuel Pérez Gallego also called on citizens to stay home, especially older adults, who are more vulnerable to the illness and who demand in this context for love and protection by families.

In turn, he called for calm and discipline, while stressing the need to maintain the vitality of essential services for the people and the sustainability of the economy.

In his words, the president of the Provincial Defense Council praised the response of young people from Las Tunas to stop the spread of COVID-19 and reaffirmed "that our youth is avant-garde and patriotic, young people are in all sectors of society and they have responded to the moment, inside the Island and abroad, in internationalist missions.”

After this scenario, the duration of which is still not possible to determine, it will be necessary, stressed Pérez Gallego, to increase the production of agricultural assortments and give ourselves to work and to search for solutions to the problems that affect local society.

Finally, he sentenced: "I believe that we must continue to demonstrate the pride of being Cubans, of being patriots, of working in Cuba to preserve the future; that future that new generations need, which is the future of the Homeland and the Revolution, and it has to be with a lot of optimism and daily work. I believe that's what we're going to win with."