Las Tunas' Molecular Biology Laboratory

The local Molecular Biology Laboratory will begin to confirm the PCR diagnoses, by decision of the Ministry of Public Health, after corroborating its high effectiveness and correspondence of the results with homologous centers and, even, with the Pedro Kourí Tropical Medicine Institute (IPK).

Call in Las Tunas to Protecting Family amid the Rebound of COVID-19

This May 15, when International Day of Families is celebrated, Dr. Grégory Pérez Héctor, deputy director of Health in Las Tunas province, calls for compliance with biosafety measures against the COVID-19, which puts this social institution in danger, especially now with the rebound in positive cases.

Dr. Ernesto Guevara hospital

Dr. Ernesto Guevara de la Serna General Teaching Hospital, the main health institution in Las Tunas, reorganizes its services to avoid the aggravation of an active COVID-19 transmission event among its workers and patients, which already has more than 30 new positives.

Guillermo Domínguez hospital, in Puerto Padre

In a few hours, the Guillermo Domínguez López General Teaching Hospital, in Puerto Padre, will take care of high-risk COVID-19 suspected patients and those with severe acute respiratory infections (ARIs) in the province, as part of the actions to confront the rebound of the new coronavirus in the region.