Distribution of the Abdala vaccine candidate in Las Tunas

Workers of the Wholesale Marketing and Distribution of Medicines (Emcomed) base business unit assumed the transfer of the third doses of the anti-COVID-19 vaccine candidate Abdala to the different clinical sites enabled in the province, to complete the health intervention in risk groups.

 "Colombia" has reported 52 cases of the coronavirus

Controlling the transmission event of COVID-19 generated in the Santa Lucía district of the municipality of Colombia is a priority of the health personnel, agencies, and authorities, which are working intensely to achieve this end.

Isolation center in Las Tunas University

Since the appearance of the first positives to COVID-19, the people of Las Tunas have not had a truce. On each battlefront, there has been the face of a generation as courageous as the preceding ones; countless examples of altruism and absolute dedication to a collective cause, whose compensation is the satisfaction of feeling useful.

 Dr. Ernesto Guevara hospital

The Ernesto Guevara de la Serna hospital, in Las Tunas, has already closed five of the six transmission sources that were detected in the facility, and which have generated a total of 26 positive cases for COVID-19 - among workers and patients.

In the Aguilera District, a community transmission event was declared. Photo: Reynaldo López

The municipality of Las Tunas presents the most complex epidemiological situation in the province, with an increase in the last 15 days of COVID-19 positive cases, especially of the autochthonous, which accumulate 185, for an incidence rate of 129.2 per 100 thousand inhabitants.