Final exams and exercises at all levels of General Education have already begun

After becoming the only province that began the 2022-2023 school year on schedule, Las Tunas is getting ready to enter the final stretch of the teaching calendar, with the completion of final exams and exercises at all levels of General Education.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- Juan Migüel Barrios, deputy director of Education in the territory, told the Cuban News Agency that as of June 2, the application of the final tests in Basic Secondary and Preuniversity began, a process that will be extended to all levels until July.

The province has been preparing from the official school calendar, since it was the only one that after the epidemiological control of the covid-19 managed to start in September with the traditional schedule of the school period, while the others readjusted the program, he pointed out.

Barrios explained that the conditions for printing, packaging, and organizational and control measures are in place for the correct application of the exams and for the process to run smoothly.

All this will guarantee that, at the end of July, students and workers will finish their school year and will be able to enjoy their summer vacations without any inconvenience, said the vice director.

As part of the closing of the school year, he added, there is a group of activities that are being carried out in parallel. Such is the case of the Pre-university students, especially from the Luis Urquiza Jorge Vocational Preuniversity Institute of Exact Sciences, who are preparing to participate in the national pre-selection of the knowledge contests.

Likewise, Las Tunas has a group of students who are currently undergoing training in Havana to participate in important events, as well as a representation of Special Education students who are currently participating in an international Olympics, he said.

This eastern Cuban province is also preparing to develop, in the coming days, seminars at different levels to prepare for the 2023-2024 school calendar, a guarantee for the management structures, teachers, and families to know the particularities of the coming course.