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The educational sector aims for better-trained teachers

More knowledge of educators, cadres, and directors is one of the results of the Provincial Seminar on Preparation for the 2023-2024 school year that concluded in Las Tunas, after three days of enriching debate in pursuit of a longer academic period.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- Authorities of the Ministry of Education and the territory valued that now it corresponds to transfer to each municipality and school the most significant ideas to contribute to the quality of an essential branch for the country.

From the exchanges carried out, it was determined that the continuous improvement of the National Education System, ideological and preventive political work, vocational training, attention to young people and vulnerable communities, and the methodological preparation of teachers constitute tasks of the first order for the local teaching guild.

Nílser Piñeda Cruz, director of the sector in Las Tunas, urged the integral study of the topics discussed in all schools and the consolidation of ideological-political work.

In this regard, in the current scenario, those present agreed, there is a need for better-trained teachers, with a more comprehensive and ethical culture, and digital skills that allow them to face the new challenges in teaching-educational work.

Gerardo Cruz Leyva, the director of the Rita Longa Pedagogical School, which hosted the event, commented that these days facilitated the exchange of experiences between territories, educational levels, and pedagogues, to outline priorities for the advancement of the profession in the province and the Archipelago.

For her part, María del Carmen Polanco Hernández, a methodologist in Technical and Professional Education, valued this seminar as very opportune and a vital space to guarantee the scenario because of a superior teaching period.

After being the only province in the country that developed the 2022-2023 school year with total normality, Las Tunas is entering the final stretch of the teaching calendar, with the completion of exams and exercises at all levels of General Education.