Pedagogical schoolsMore than 400 fourth-year students of the pedagogical schools of this province are preparing to carry out in the months of May and June the exercise for the culmination of studies of the Upper Middle level, before their labor insertion the coming school year.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- An exercise of 600 hours of concentrated pre-professional practices since last February 10 in various educational institutions, those that since the first year of their specialty, have welcomed them as part of their training. The objective this time is to consolidate the knowledge acquired during more than three academic calendars and get ready for the final evaluation, as specified by the executives of the sector.

Gerardo Cruz Leyva, director of the Rita Longa Aróstegui pedagogical school, told 26 Digital that these practices constitute an ideal time to demonstrate the professional skills acquired in training and a greater link between theory and practice is achieved. Methodological tools are also modulated with a greater number of activities in schools and childcare centers, where they will work once graduated.

As Cruz Leyva explained, this training time allows them to become familiar with the characteristics of the institution and the colleagues. They have a tutor there that guides them on the content they impart and the methods applied. Likewise, they develop activities oriented from the training campuses and participate in other departments of the departments and cycles in the centers located.

In the exercise of the culmination of studies, an academic board will evaluate the students, knowledge and comprehensive preparation orally. Then, upon joining the classrooms, they jointly begin their specialty degree in the course for workers modality, without taking entrance exams and with a special four-year curriculum. Its location in schools responds to local needs, so they should not be moved to other educational levels.