The promotion of new methods is a priority for the Special Education System

The five forms of work that are proposed from the improvement are extended to the 15 institutions of Special Education in this province.

Las Tunas, Cuba. - The promotion of new methods is a priority for this Educational System in the current calendar, as well as achieving high levels of satisfaction in families and students.

Leonardo Ramírez Cruz, head of the Special Education Department of the Provincial Education Directorate told 26Digital that in 2019 everything related to work preparation was strengthened through programs to promote communication and daily life skills, which will then allow the students to be properly reintegrated.

Ramírez Cruz stressed that during this period they were recognized at the country level for the results obtained in fundamental indicators such as vocational training and the Special Olympics movement. He also explained that "we have managed to ensure that each municipality has its own methodologist for this type of education, which facilitates the speedy arrival of information to the school and the control and advice with the necessary quality".

The director values as a potential to have a full staff of educational psychologists, speech therapists, psychotherapists and psychologists. He emphasized that "we have equipped ourselves with young teachers who have graduated from the pedagogical schools and the University and with them we have drawn up a strategy for individual improvement, in order to guarantee that they teach with quality".

All special schools are currently working on research related to diversity awareness. Adequate nutrition and quality of life for students is also promoted, as well as advice and accompaniment for families, according to the particularities of each student.

More than 1,500 children and teenagers are studying in Special Education Schools. This year they have a new educational service center, located in the Alberto Arcos Luque School, where they not only attend behavior problems, but also psychiatric disorders, with a psycho-pedagogical approach.