34 professionals from several municipalities  started here the second edition of the Master in Educational Management

A total of 34 professionals from several municipalities of this province started here the second edition of the Master in Educational Management, as part of an agreement between the Provincial Directorate of Education and the University of Las Tunas. It makes possible to increase the rigor, the quality of the work and the scientific competences of those who work in this sector.

Las Tunas, Cuba - The Master's Degree favors the development of methodologists at different levels, school principals and assistant principals, who will take three diplomas in order to be trained in the management of educational processes and services. This was stated by Jorge Felix Parra Rodriguez, Doctor of Science, professor at the University of Las Tunas and coordinator of the program.

The academic stressed that the master's degree is an achievement and a commitment to the improvement of the directors. He also said that it has a purely investigative approach so it requires a great effort from teachers and tutors.

The teachers who begin this training are mostly young people who have different responsibilities in the provincial facilities. The program also encourages them to publish articles and participate in events and research projects, while rewarding meritorious professional performance.

Formed by prestigious and long-standing teaching staff, several professionals have already graduated from the first edition and another 26 are getting ready for the discussion of their theses at the end of the year in April.

To guarantee a professional with high knowledge is an essential objective of Education in the province of Las Tunas, which has more than two thousand masters in different specialties and nine doctors. This last figure should increase considerably in the next four years, as there are 30 teachers in doctoral training.