More than 26 thousand Las Tunas children are attended by promoters of the Educate Your Child Program

With excellent results, the Educate Your Child Program is implemented throughout the country. More than 26 thousand children in this province are received by this project that gives educational attention from an early age to infants who do not attend a childcare center, in addition to guiding alternatives to families.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- To “those who know how to love and are the hope of the world,” every effort is dedicated from early childhood because these years are decisive in their formation; and that is the essence of the "Educate Your Child.”

Recently, the program celebrated its 28th anniversary; the work of promoters and teachers who give their best to prepare children for their performance at the following levels of education was recognized.

The main activities took place in the Popular Council 15, of this capital city. This site was chosen for the achievements in the educational project, because not only children are prepared, but the whole community, so that they can be taught to grow as good men and women.


Alberto Ávila is one of the parents who today are grateful for this program of the Revolution. In each session, he takes her little girl and attends the activities, because "it prepares us for the correct education of the children.”

Emelis Pérez is another mother who recognizes the relevance of the program. “As a family, we often ask ourselves if our children are growing well and once we get to these activities we realize how we can guarantee their education and development, as do those in children's. These promoters are guides that accompany us in education.”

Madelaine Escobar also joins that criterion, who tells us that her daughter Rachel has been in the program since she was 3 years old and is now in preschool. “I give a lot of importance to this preparation,” she says, and it is that they teach us how to educate them and teach them the fundamental things so that they reach the preschool level with a basic knowledge according to their age.”

“They learn Mathematics, Literature and different activities that train parents to continue teaching at home. Cuba does not leave any children out of education, either through childcare centers or the “Educate your Child, ” she said.

"My advice to parents is to integrate into this program from an early age, not wait until they arrive at school, because they are taught many things, including values and qualities that are forming their personality," Madelaine insisted.


Julia Denis has been a promoter of the program for a little over 20 years, her passion lies in teaching these children and their parents.

"I love teaching them," she says with satisfaction and joy in her eyes. I have always been motivated by working with the community, I do different activities with them and I really like working with 3-year-olds, although we serve infants from zero to 6 years old.”

Without thinking twice, Julita, as everyone affectionately calls her, says that her main function is to teach the whole family, "so that they at home can work with the children on educational actions."