The main executives of both institutions, Nílser Piñeda Cruz and José Guillermo Montero Quesada, signed the document.

The agreement signed by the provincial Directorate of Education and the territorial branch of the Union of Historians of Cuba (Unhic) establishes an action plan that will contribute to the teaching of History and the reinforcement of national traditions and values. The main executives of both institutions, Nílser Piñeda Cruz and José Guillermo Montero Quesada, signed the document.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- The agreement will promote the exchange of information and the joint work of the professionals of both parties in the activities of the discipline; especially those related to the different levels of education, research and promotion of history, in the current context of educational improvement.

Montero Quesada announced in the reading of the agreement that the Unhic in Las Tunas will manage updated information to support the work of teachers, particularly on local history. And will also announce the schedule of provincial events and other related activities, in which the participation of teachers will be enhanced.

The provincial and municipal commissions of History of the Ministry of Education will be joined by a representative of the Unhic with the function of advisor, and the intervention of experts as consultants, speakers and reviewers of teaching materials in the development of training actions will be coordinated. Didactic computer products will also be developed and the actions carried out will be published in institutional newsletters and the media.

Piñeda Cruz highlighted the importance of the concretion of this agreement in a context in which an unconventional war is being waged against Cuba in which historical matters are among the most misrepresented. He pointed out that “when there is no solidity and deep historical knowledge, we are vulnerable to manipulation and the fairest thing is that educators and historians have the possibility to bring students and their families to history as closely as possible to reality from the most updated investigations”.

The Union of Historians of Cuba founded on December 7, 1981, by the relevant researcher Julio Le Riverend, currently has about four thousand members throughout the country. During 2019, they formed alliances with various national organizations to encourage the study and teaching of History.