Pedagogical classrooms are aimed at strengthen the vocational trainingThe formation of 174 classrooms in all three grades and in the total of secondary schools in the province is among the actions that are carried out to increase the entrance to the pedagogical careers, with differentiated attention to the students with vocation. Likewise, their families are recognized in different spaces because of their importance in the vocational training of young people.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- Although today Las Tunas has a teaching coverage that exceeds 97 percent, apart from the different alternatives, the managers of the sector draw up various strategies to guarantee the generational replacement of the teachers. The lifting of professional interests in basic secondary schools is carried out weekly and accordingly they design vocational training and guidance.

According to a report presented by the Provincial Directorate of Education, another of the practices currently applied is to direct learning, identifying students who have more than 78 academic index points and opt for those specialties. They have reinforced teaching, in order for the students to achieve the established requirement.

In Pre-University Education, the pedagogical pre-detachments have been created and there is a system of attention from various levels of management. The winners of knowledge competitions are encouraged in various scenarios, and 96 twelfth-grade students who opt for pedagogical careers in this way are engaged.

An initiative that has demonstrated its viability is the University College, which is going through its third edition with an enrollment of 276 young people distributed in nine groups, of which two are located at the headquarters of the University of Las Tunas and seven in the municipal university centers.