educacion secundaria10The primary and secondary schools of this province have been the most benefited with the reinstatement of teachers to the sector in the current school year. Both educational levels are those with increased demand for staff for the wide enrollment in their classrooms.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- Of the 560 retirees who have returned to the classrooms, 262 teach in Primary Education and 76 in High School. On the other hand, of the 640 professionals who returned to Education following the salary increase, 455 belong to these levels, which represent more than 70 percent.

In Las Tunas today there are 679 classrooms of elementary level in 166 schools that have two teachers each, which benefits enrollment of 5,000 students. In the case of Secondary Education, 425 guides professors are taught only their group and 71 to just two.

Teaching coverage currently reaches 97.4 percent in the territory, one of the best in the country. The municipalities that require the greatest number of teachers are Las Tunas and Puerto Padre. Among the alternatives that are adopted to maintain the stability of the cloisters are the incorporation of fifth-year students of the pedagogical careers and the members of the Educando Por Amor (Educating for Love) University student’s movement; and hiring production specialists.

The sector also gives special attention to pedagogical training, from which 475 new teachers graduated this year. Of these, 311 are graduates of the pedagogical schools and 102 completed higher studies at the Faculty of Education Sciences of the University of Las Tunas.