Only 31 of the controlled medicines are fully received in the drug stores.

The Directorate of Pharmacies and Opticians in Las Tunas is working meticulously because it is impossible to meet all the needs of the population for medicines.

Arianna Pupo Vázquez, a commercial specialist of the entity, appeared on the local radio station and defined the situation these days as "very critical.”

"Of the 86 medicines whose sale is controlled by cards, 35 are at zero in the warehouses, 19 with low coverage, and only 31 are fully received in the drug stores."

The expert pointed out that one of the causes is the lack of raw materials to organize production in the country, as well as the unavailability of about 20 imported drugs.

Among the latter is, for example, carbamazepine, which is distributed in the pharmacy network. For some time, this medicine has been received in a different presentation; now, the bottles contain 100 tablets, which implies individual communication with each patient to explain that the medicine they receive is for two months.

The directive also indicated that allopurinol, enalapril, methyldopa, omeprazole, theophylline, colchicine, and ketotifen, among others, are still missing.