Carlos Juan Viera

Shortstop Roberto Súliban Baldoquín and pitcher Carlos Juan Viera will represent the Champions of the 62nd Cuban National Baseball Series, Leñadores de Las Tunas (Lumberjacks), in the Caribbean Baseball Cup to be held from October 1 to 8, in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- After a dream return to baseball on the Island, including the icing on the cake of lifting the title, Baldoquín will close the cycle by wearing the "four letters" jersey. For his part, the ace of the Las Tunas pitching staff, Viera, gladly adds services in Aztec circuits, where the demands of facing an offensive league have guided him towards individual growth constantly.

The Greater of the Antilles squad will attend the competition with two catchers, eight infielders, four outfielders, and ten pitchers. Those led by Armando Jhonson will seek to improve the silver medals in the last two contests (2021 and 2022); meanwhile, the event will serve as preparation for the baseball calendar of the Pan American Games in Santiago de Chile, with a premiere date for October 20th.

Roberto S Baldoquín
Roberto Súliban Baldoquín.

So far, besides Cuba, the Virgin Islands, Curacao, and the host country have confirmed their participation, while the Dominican Republic, the Bahamas, and another guest from South America remain to ratify their attendance.

The directors of the Caribbean Baseball Confederation (COCABE) are betting on a higher quality contest than the previous ones to reaffirm the level and rivalry within the region.

Official Roster:
Andrys Pérez García
Andy Yaniel Cosme Oliva
Yasniel González Vega
Osday Silva Hernández
Yadil Orestes Mujica Díaz
Luis Vicente Mateo Terry
Bárbaro Erisbel Arruebarruena Escalante
Dayán García Ortega
Yurisbel Gracial García
Roberto Súliban Baldoquín
Roel Santos Martínez
Luis González Azcuy
Yosvani Peñalver Darcourt
Carlos Alberto Monier Torres

Yeudis Reyes Gamboa
José Ramón Rodríguez Menéndez
Yanquiel Mauri Gutiérrez
Carlos Juan Viera Álvarez
Yoennis Yera Montalvo
Naikel Yoel Cruz Zaldívar
Yunieski García Viera
Jonathan Carbó Campoalegre
Franky Quintana Gamboa
Geonel Gutiérrez Jiménez

Manager: Armando Johnson Zaldívar; Bench Coach: Germán Mesa Fresneda; Auxiliars: Rafael Muñoz Medina and Armando Jesús Ferrer Ruz; Pitching Coaches: Pedro Luis Lazo Iglesias and Andrés García Ortega; Scouting: Ricardo Elain Eizmendiz Domínguez, Orestes Kindelán Olivares y Luis César Valdez Magran.