Sorrel Alexquemer Sánchez was one of Abeisy Pantoja's choices.
"Sorrel" Alexquemer Sánchez was one of Abeisy Pantoja's choices.

With the main commitment to strengthening the pitching area as a banner, Abeysi Pantoja completed the roster of 32 players for the 2nd Elite Baseball League, where the Lumberjacks hope to add another title to their showcases.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- In addition to the seven arms of the Cuban Eastern Balcony, another eight pitchers will make up Rodolfo Correa's pieces to lead to victories.
Likewise, a couple of outfielders and an equal number of infielders expand the possibilities of a lineup with marked productivity from home plate.

The designation of Yadián Martínez in the first round surprised everyone. The quality of the player from Mayabeque, besides other important attributes such as dedication and combativeness, seems not to be enough for the opening election.

In a turn of events, given the unthinkable nature of the situation, Dariel Góngora appeared in the Las Tunas perspective. Defined by Pablo Civil, during his managerial period, as an intelligent and studious pitcher, the left-hander will once again carry high responsibilities within the staff. For the most superstitious, this option would mean a plus on the way to the championship, since the Camagüey “whip” was one of the mainstays in the Lumberjacks' crown in the 58th edition of the domestic classics.

The offensive emergence of Alexquemer Sánchez in the last contest tipped the balance so that his name was heard in the third call. Although the man from Granma has earned the respect of countless rivals and fans for his defensive performance, he has greatly improved with the bat to compile 48 RBIs, eight home runs, 27 extra-base hits, and a batting line (AVG/OBP/SLG) 358/407 /530.

In an attempt to unite the central column of Agricultores, the green-red board leaned towards Osvaldo Abreu, Miguel Paradelo, and Kelbis Rodríguez. Meanwhile, the cross of rowing in a bottom-of-the-table team overshadowed Luis Serpa's dominance. However, the statistics made the necessary noise to make him noticeable. The member of the Cienfuegos Elephants boasted an ERA of 1.64, in addition to a WHIP of 1.45 over 44.0 innings of work, where he also retired 30 batters via strikes. Without too much media connotation, a notable addition to the bullpen.

The last five reinforcements: Leonel Moas Jr., Rubén Rodríguez, José Antonio Sánchez, Branlis Rodríguez, and Ernesto Torres present sufficient arguments in their service records to wear the colors of the current monarchs.

Once the controversy has spread, any space seems ideal to return the “ball” to the popular comment about how successful Pantoja's elections were. Even so, the ground, fickle by nature, will say the last word.