Viera and Baldoquín included in Cuba's roster for Santiago de Chile 2023

According to previous predictions, with no room for surprises this time, Roberto Súliban Baldoquín and Carlos Juan Viera will be the Las Tunas representatives within the Cuba baseball team that will participate in the Santiago de Chile 2023 Pan American Games.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- With the endorsement of participating in the 5th World Classic, Viera has marked a stable presence in the latest lists. Thanks to his talent, in addition to the experience acquired in the Aztec circuits, and the potential to face left-handed hitters, the Ace from Las Tunas turns each call into good performance.

On the other hand, Baldoquín signed the dream return to the Island's pelota. After becoming a key piece for the Leñadores (Lumberjacks) on the way to their second title in the history of the province, the player from the municipality of Colombia had a debut with the national flannel at the height of the unimaginable during the 5th Caribbean Baseball Cup.

According to the official note from the Federation, the national team will travel to the Chilean capital to fight for the gold, a place lost since the 2007 Rio de Janeiro edition. The roster of 24 players is made up of two catchers, seven infielders, four outfielders, and eleven pitchers.

Official Roster

Catchers (2): Andy Cosme Oliva y Andrys Pérez García.

Infielders (7): Yasniel González Vega, Yadil Mujica Díaz, Bárbaro Erisbel Arruebarruena Escalante, Luis Vicente Mateo Terry, Dayán García Ortega, Roberto Sullivan Baldoquín Martínez y Raúl González Isidoria.

Outfielders (4): Yurisbel Gracial García, Roel Santos Martínez, Yoelkis Guibert Stiven y Luis González Azcuy.

Pitchers (11): Geonel Gutiérrez Jiménez, Carlos Juan Viera Álvarez, Yoennis Yera Montalvo, José Ramón Rodríguez Menéndez, Yankiel Mauris Gutiérrez, Renner Rivero Estrada, Jonathan Carbó Campoalegre, Naykel Yoel Cruz Zaldívar, Raymond Figueredo Cruz, Erly Casanova Callaba y Frank Abel Álvarez Díaz.

Manager: Armando Jhonson.