25 families of the Río Potrero community received a food donation.

These times are difficult in the family and social spheres; however, sharing part of what is achieved through daily work remains a banner for many peasants in Las Tunas and now extends to the new economic actors.

PCC Provincial Bureau in Las Tunas analized shortfalls in the Maternal and Infant Program

Strengthening the Maternal and Infant Care Program (PAMI in Spanish) through an inter-sectoral approach and taking into account the indicators and limitations that need to be influenced to achieve better results in the territory, was one of the issues that brought together the analysis of the PCC Provincial Bureau in Las Tunas.

Workers  of the Las Tunas Communal Services Company were recognized on their Day.

During the celebration of the Communal Services Worker's Day, its labor group met at the Provincial Directorate of this entity, accompanied by the top leaders of the union movement to recognize the best workers and outstanding groups.

Antonio Guiteras sugar mill, in Delicias, Puerto Padre, Las Tunas.

The ghosts of the harvest haunt the fields and the two sugar mills, Antonio Guiteras and Majibacoa, in charge of manufacturing the more than 61,500 tons of sugar that are fundamentally needed by the regulated family basket, social consumption, mixed companies, and other prioritized sectors.