Las Tunas' 3rd Industry and Commerce Fair to be held in a few days.

This year's participation in Havana's Trade Fair was a success for Las Tunas; 14 companies went there (five of them, non-state) and managed to finalize 90 letters of intent, two import agreements, and the same number of export agreements. All in a competitive environment, where experiences were taken that are already beginning to bear their first fruits.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- Salvador Sariol Vistorte, director of Foreign Trade, Foreign Investment, and International Relations of the provincial Government, assured the press that this result, an achievement of sustained work over several years, marks an important benchmark for the 3rd Industry and Commerce Fair that Las Tunas will host between November 30 and December 3.

In the main commercial event of this eastern province, the young Agroint Import-Export Company will shine, as it already has some clients and suppliers, and promises to work effectively from here, favoring the arrival of goods, their transfer, and other processes; and cushioning, somewhat, the rise in prices.

Three electronic commerce platforms will also be available, and the first productive administration contract will be created, something that will be done with the local Fishing Company.

Until the closing of this report, the presence of businessmen from Bahamas, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Chile, Egypt, Timor Leste, Dubai, Argentina, Panama, Bulgaria, Mexico, Canada, and Perú was confirmed; and it was announced that the venue will be open to the public in the afternoons and during the last day of the event.

In this particular, it was learned that the headquarters of the Fair will be the Tunas Hotel, which will host the exhibition activities; and the Theme Park, where the commercial will take place.

The organizers called on the non-state sector to join the event, and recognized the drive of a part of them, with the potential to obtain excellent benefits from the meeting. They assured that, in foreign trade, foreign investment, and international cooperation, contracts and businesses focused, fundamentally, on productive development and technological improvements are promoted. In turn, exports will be between 5 and 10 percent of production (figures that are below what is a practice in the world).

The forum will also have a solidarity event among its official activities. The initiative, which had its first time in the previous edition of the Fair, aims to be consistent with a long-standing practice that has favored, for example, the repair of the Intermediate Care Unit of the Mártires de Las Tunas Pediatric Hospital and also its water filters; in the “Guevara”, the Cardiology, Chemotherapy, and Pathological Anatomy wards show benefits, along with the installation of modern ultrasound equipment.

Las Tunas has 26 international cooperation projects underway; ten of them are associated with agriculture, whether with the increase in irrigation systems, other technologies, or the covering of crops.

Given the proximity of the event, the conditions are being prepared to receive visitors and entrepreneurs and to promote timely dialogue with the local business community. It all depends on whether success is reflected in quality of life, and that the “Signs to the Future” that its slogan announces are a tangible reality.