The sowing plan for the season could be achieved in Las Tunas

If the current pace is maintained, the 2023-2024 cold sowing campaign could be completed in the province of Las Tunas, since the first months have been successful, according to Reynaldo Frank Brito Pérez, subdelegate for Various Crops in the delegation of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- The specialist said that the plan is of 22,358.5 hectares (ha), and October closed with almost 20 above what was expected. He added that, to date, only the municipality of Manatí has failed to comply, which closed at 92 percent, and at the cooperative level, 11 units, with 126 producers, did not honored their commitments.

The priority in the delivery of fuels given to the agricultural sector is decisive in the current results of the campaign, especially for the preparation of land in areas managed by advanced producers, with compact plantations that allow better use of that resource.

In Brito Pérez's opinion, it is also important that in the small areas managed by the majority of farmers, animal traction is used and minimal tillage is done, among other alternatives to maintain areas of viands, grains, vegetables, and fruits.

Likewise, the application of natural pest controllers of harmful insects and biological fertilizers such as vermicompost and organic matter is decisive, besides the guarantee of water due to frequent downpours at this stage and what is stored in reservoirs.