"Amancio" has reported 25 cases of the COVID-19

The southernmost of the municipalities of Las Tunas today added a new case of COVID-19 from a confirmed contact, to reach the figure of 25.

The infrastructure of the Health sector is prepared to face the current epidemiological situation.

Public Health Directors in this eastern Cuban province assured that they have all the necessary resources to contain the rebound of COVID-19, which has occurred here since January 2021, although they pointed out that it will always depend on the participation of citizens, by complying with established sanitary guidelines.

In the last two months, Las Tunas experienced a new outbreak

This province of eastern Cuba registered, on Thursday, the second-highest number of new positives to SARS-CoV-2 for one day. The news tenses the entire coping gear for the pandemic in a territory that still continues to be the one with the lowest incidence rate of the disease in the entire country.

More than 40 transmission sources were faced simultaneously in various municipalities

It is convenient to open the agenda to record the relevant notes that the first month of 2021 leaves in the confrontation with the new coronavirus pandemic in Las Tunas, which is passing through an epidemic rebound.

Two brigades of health professionals from Las Tunas provide support in Havana and Holguín

Two brigades of health professionals from the province of Las Tunas provide their support in Havana and Holguín in order to contribute to the confrontation with the new coronavirus, amid the most complex epidemiological scenario that the country has presented since the battle against the illness began.