Use chlorinated solutions to disinfect your hands, objects and surfaces

As a consequence of the difficult epidemiological situation caused by the COVID-19, the trade network in Las Tunas has arranged the sale of one percent chlorine in six specific premises of the city and through the ration card for basic supplies per family.

The Gastronomy sector maintain its services and implement new modalities

Since the threat of the new coronavirus spread through the national territory, the Gastronomy in Las Tunas adopted strategies to maintain the vitality of its services and bring them closer to the population, especially the most vulnerable, and thus avoid crowds of people that encourage the spread of the epidemic.

The distribution and sale of agricultural products must increase

Las Tunas Provincial Defense Council based its analysis on Monday on strengthening the plans of measures aimed at confronting COVID-19, which already has two positive cases in the territory.

COVID-19 patient Iliana Pérez

She first apologizes. The guilt is on her as she remembers all those she greeted when she didn't even think the new coronavirus could enter her home.

Italia thanks Cuban solidarity assitance against COVID-19

MediCubaEuropa's call for emergency aid to support Cuban medical care in the fight against the spread of the new coronavirus was quickly supported by associations and non-governmental organizations from 13 European countries in solidarity with the Cuban Revolution.