Danny Domínguez Zayas, head of the Design Department

A broad development program aimed at increasing the grain storage capacity in two municipalities of Las Tunas is being proposed by the subsidiary of the National Company of Agricultural Projects (ENPA) in this territory, which will advance towards the construction of some thirty metal silos.

The affiliates of the Cuban Women Federation (FMC) in Las Tunas are immersed in important tasks

The previous calendar, disrupted by the presence of the new coronavirus in the territory, even without major incidents, was a very intense year for the affiliates of the Cuban Women Federation (FMC) in Las Tunas.

Prevention and control measures are implemented.

The existing transmission foci and the violations in some state work centers of the guidelines for essential national trips occupy the authorities in Las Tunas in their confrontation with the new coronavirus pandemic.

The soil conservation and improvement program has implemented some actions

With the execution last year of more than 11 million 862 thousand pesos, Las Tunas agriculture shows concrete advances in the protection of its ecosystems and the use of clean energies, as part of the actions planned in the Life Task.