The conservation  of soils is a priority

To reach a high rate of reforestation and to conserve the soil are two of the priorities that in the Provincial Delegation of Agriculture in Las Tunas are included as part of the implementation of the Life Task.

cultivo del tabaco

Tobacco growers in the province of Las Tunas fulfilled their plan for planting the leaf, totaling 748 hectares from last October to February of the current year, plantations that will support the harvest of about 650 tons.

The farmers make greater use of animal traction

In order to ensure compliance with the current spring planting season, which began this month and runs until August, farmers in Las Tunas are developing actions that will support the crops of this calendar.

La Herradura 1 wind farm, in construction

The Cuban State gives priority to the changing of the energy matrix through renewable energy sources. This makes possible that the work on La Herradura 1 wind farm maintains its vitality, despite the ferocity of the blockade imposed on Cuba by the United States Government.

Las Tunas achieves more than 100 thousand tons produced

Despite the enormous impediments associated with the blockade imposed by the United States and the subjective difficulties, Las Tunas became at the edge of 3:00 am on Friday in the second province of Cuba - the first was Villa Clara - to complete 100,000 tons of sugar.