Additional measures must be taken to avoid wildfires

The most complicated period for the occurrence of forest fires is advancing, and in Jobabo, all of the firebreaks set in plan between the months of November and December could not be completed; being the Forestry Base Business Unit the one that puts its own wooded patrimony in risk.

Jessica Marian Morales Acosta, eleventh-grade student

Jessica Marian Morales Acosta, eleventh-grade student of the Luis Urquiza Jorge Pre-university Vocational Institute of Exact Sciences (Ipvce), was selected the second direct delegate of Las Tunas to the 11th Congress of the Young Communist Union (UJC).

The activists visited one of the houses for childrem without family protection

The presence here again of a group of the Sweden-Cuba Friendship Association renews the ties of Nordic activists with this province of eastern Cuba.

El Raúl farm joined to the Bioenergy Project

"We have historically devoted ourselves to the husbandry of the buffalo. Today there are 1,218 heads divided into four units: one for breeding, two for reproduction, and one for buffalo fattening.

Melissa Clothing Company

The Melissa Clothing Company, from Las Tunas, will expand its work to the Tourism sector this year, by taking on the elaboration of lingerie for the hotel rooms in the east of Cuba, an order to which it will respond without losing its current productions.