Las Tunas, Cuba.- Gustavo Rodríguez Rollero, Minister of Agriculture, called to further expand the production poles in places with available land, workforce and sources of water supply to boost irrigation, during his visit to Las Tunas to verify the assurances for the sowing campaign.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- "I am impressed by the warmth of the people and the strength that is seen everywhere. Many people have difficulties, but they still have that spirit of getting ahead, "said Sarai Abud López in the middle of the sugarcane fields of the Julio Díaz agricultural cooperative, in the municipality of Majibacoa.

Wednesday, 09 August 2017 14:49

Las Tunas towards the Change of its Energy Matrix

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Las Tunas.- The eastern province of Las Tunas can become one of the first in Cuba to change its energy matrix if the program for the implementation of solar and wind parks is fulfilled.

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