Wednesday, 18th January 2017

Majibacoa Sugar Mill Leads Sugar Harvest in Las Tunas

  • Written by Roger Aguilera

The good performance of this young industry allowed the fulfillment of the so-called small harvestLas Tunas.- While the Majibacoa Sugar Mill shows its potential in the current sugar harvest, the "Antonio Guiteras" and "Amancio Rodríguez" industries do not find the path to stability.

The first of these mills gave a sign of being able to carry out a good campaign since last November 25th when its machinery entered operations, as it was scheduled.

Las Tunas' Colombia Sugar Mill Gets Ready for Starting Harvest

  • Written by Juan Soto Cutiño

The Colombia Sugar Mill is getting ready after seven years out of operationsLas Tunas.- The Colombia Sugar Mill entered the phase of partial testing of equipment and machinery, prelude to the harvest exercise and the general test with load, scheduled to take place in the third ten of the current month, after staying out of operations for seven consecutive years.

Israel Suárez Andino, director of the industry, told 26digital that the water treatment plant is completely ready, while in the number one boiler rose pressure and the pipes were blown, an operation to which the second unity will be submitted soon.

New Agricultural Market Opened in Las Tunas

  • Written by Roger Aguilera

The population feels satisfaction for the variety and abundance of products in the section of vegetablesLas Tunas.- The families of Las Tunas welcomed the opening of a large new-type agricultural market, located in the historic center of this eastern city.

The marketplace is divided into spacious sections, where products of first quality are offered at affordable prices, which are in correspondence with the tariff approved by the Provincial Council of Administration, together with the Ministry of Agriculture office.

Las Tunas: Science Tackles Local Issues

  • Written by José A. Fernández / Photo: Yaciel Peña

Las Tunas: several institutions show outstanding work in the introduction of technologies and innovationsLas Tunas.- The improvement of teaching, adaptation to climate change and attention to social determinants of health were the main areas of impact of scientific research in Las Tunas during 2016.

More than 200 research projects are currently being carried out, which also deal with food production and renewable energy sources, in this eastern territory, where before 1959 education only covered up to the secondary level.