It would be very good to take advantage of the questions of the youngest in the midst of this context to raise awareness of the profound Martí ideology

There is much talk about José Martí these days in Cuba, not only because it is January and the calendar refers to 28, 167 years ago, in Havana's Paula Street.

The soul of Cuba has been attacked, which is what Martí isThat Martí is for Cubans the ideal of good is essential to Dr. Eduardo Torres-Cuevas, director of the Martí Program office. Referring to the acts of vandalism that occurred on January 1 in Havana involving busts of the Apostle of Cuban Independence, he explains his views on these reprehensible events.

Trump's administration continue their attacks against travel to Cuba

US President Donald Trump and his administration continue their attacks against travel to Cuba, by pushing restrictions on charter flights that will make it even more difficult to visit provinces outside of Havana.

Felicidades Cuba

While in various countries of Latin America, widespread protests against neoliberalism are ongoing in the streets, Cuba faced a challenging and tense year because of the increased hostility of the United States, but it did so in peace and with its citizens united.

TupacKatariAymara leader Túpac Katari formed an army of about forty thousand men to confront the colonialist forces of Spain and came to encircle the city of La Paz in 1781. In November of the same year, betrayed by some of his followers, he was captured by the Spaniards.

Tupac KatariA judge condemned him to be "dismembered" with the same barbaric method used to execute Túpac Amaru II, that is to say, four horses would pull him by his extremities until dismembering him.