The disruption of legitimate debate and necessary criticism on social media is part of the U.S. subversive strategy against revolutionary Cuba.

The U.S. funded media war against Cuba is moving from disinformation to emotional manipulation

Poster published by Revolución newspaper, in July of 1960. Photo: Granma Archives

The dawn is coming; a new assault is approaching: daily life on the island presents 1001 assaults; 1001 Moncadas. It all began one Sunday - July 26 - in Santiago; an assault on the garrison where "powerful dominant forces" were sleeping, and were surprised by Cuba.

Cuba strengthens the system to promote and protect human rights from the strictest sense of independence.

For more than 60 years, many generations of Cubans have grown up under the tutelage of a human rights system that the State has guaranteed by law and conviction since the very triumph of the Revolution. 

Traffic accidents can be avoidedThe subject of traffic accidents is always sad and has a profound social and family connotation. Its statistics, for me, only confirm that it is a fatality that many feed on their own excesses and irresponsibility.

There are currently approximately eight million species on Earth, each living in a unique ecosystem.

This June 5, the entire world is celebrating World Environment Day for the forty-eighth time, with the motto "Nature's Hour.”