Wednesday, 18th January 2017

The Casa de las Américas Prize: “Defending the Soul of the Peoples”

  • Written by Mireya Castañeda

The winners of the 58th edition of the Casa Prize will be announced this coming January 26.It is a privilege to be here at the Casa de las Américas and share with Latin American, Caribbean and European intellectuals, stated Dominican essayist, professor and director of the Latino-Latin American Studies Program at Syracuse University in the United States, Silvio Torres-Saillant, during his speech inaugurating the 58th edition of the Casa Prize.

Torres-Saillant, a member of the jury panel which will review texts on the African legacy in the modern-day Americas and Caribbean, has written some of the most "lucid and controversial offerings on the topic," according to Jorge Fornet, director of the Casa's Literary Research Center.

Fátima Patterson, 2017 National Theater Prize Winner

  • Written by Lourdes M. Benítez / Photo: Juventud Rebelde

Fátima Patterson will receive the national accolade this January 22, on Cuban Theater Day.A poor black woman born in the infamous Los Hoyos neighborhood of Santiago de Cuba. That is how director of the Macubá Theater studio, Fátima Patterson, describes herself. The playwright was awarded this year's National Theater Prize, on the basis of her long-standing and solid career, founded on her strong cultural roots and unique essence.

During a press conference held January 11, it was announced that the jury, presided by Carlos Celdrán and featuring other outstanding figures from the world of Cuban theater, decided to award the accolade to the actress who, for years, has brought various works dealing with issues of gender, marginalization, and death to the stage.