Ricardo Ronquillo, president of the Cuban Union of Journalists (UPEC)

To move towards a new public press model for socialism is currently a priority for Cuban journalists, who are celebrating their day on Sunday.

Havana, Cuba.- The president of the Cuban Union of Journalists (UPEC), Ricardo Ronquillo, told Prensa Latina News Agency that Cuba shows a special scenario for this change, based on the possibilities offered by the Constitution.

In this sense, he highlighted the approval of the Communication Policy of the State and the Government, and also the forthcoming entry into operation of a central administration body in charge of addressing these issues.

This is added to a discussion on legal rules that will give shape to the Magna Carta's principles on these matters, and above all, the will of the country's leadership, which puts the media's role in its rightful place.

Cuba's President Miguel Díaz-Canel stresses that the press must be part of the mechanisms of the institutions' accountability to the citizens, and that is one of the ideas we defend, said Ronquillo.

"In the same way that Cuban society is changing in other spheres, we have to change the press system, the public communication system. We understand this, and that is why at the 10th UPEC Congress we set it as our main challenge," he added. (Prensa Latina)