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Lula Thanks Cuba for Exporting Doctors to the World

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Former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva thanked the Cuban professionals who participated in the More Doctors program of Brazil and Cuba for helping other peoples of the world with their medicine.


Brasilia.- "How good it would be if we had, like Cuba, doctors even to export to other countries!" Lula said in a letter sent to the Cuban people, to which Prensa Latina had access, as a result of the withdrawal from the initiative created in the Government of Dilma Rousseff (2011-2016).

He valued Cuba for exporting doctors to the world. "Much better than rich countries that export soldiers and launch bombs in poor communities. Cuba exports life, love, health," he stressed.

In his letter, the former president assured that the ties of fraternity between the peoples of Brazil and Cuba are much stronger than the irrational hatred of some representatives of the elites.

"That is the lesson that Cuban doctors teach in many countries of the world and they also taught us in Brazil," he said.

He explained that "in Brazil, doctors from Cuba went where there were no Brazilian doctors. In many poor, distant, indigenous communities that had never seen a health professional."

He recalled that many criticized the Rousseff government for bringing them (the Cuban professionals). It would be good if we did not need them. If Brazil had so many doctors who would occupy all the vacancies of the interior and poor peripheries of the country.

The former worker leader admitted that Brazil does not have so many doctors and was the last country in South America to have a university, in 1922. And it was because they had to create one to give a doctorate to the king of Belgium.

Brazil and Cuba lived centuries of slavery and colonial exploitation. But of the two, only Cuba has doctors to export to the world, he insisted.


The former head of state also lamented that "the prejudices of the new government (of Jair Bolsonaro) against the Cubans have been more important than the health of the Brazilians living in the most distant and deprived communities."

He specified that when Cuban doctors arrived in Brazil they tried to disqualify them in all forms. However, they overcame for the quality of the service rendered to the Brazilian people, for the dedication, attention, knowledge and for their professionalism in the human and preventive medicine that they practice.

He confirmed that Cuban professionals "won the affection and gratitude of millions of Brazilians, who now fear to be without the help that saved so many lives in Brazil."

I thank Cuban doctors who overcame the criticisms and prejudices and have taught us that a more human medicine is not only possible but is also more effective in improving the health paradigms of our communities, he reiterated.

He considered that "in the end, the Cubans exchanged experiences and knowledge with many Brazilian doctors and called everyone's attention to the importance of preventive medicine and the health of families."

That is why I want to say to the people of Cuba: feel very proud of your doctors and your medical schools. You conquered millions of admirers, millions of grateful people in Brazil, said Lula, who since April has been serving a prison sentence in Curitiba, southern Parana state, for alleged acts of corruption. (PL)

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