author from Las Tunas in Havana's Fair

Authors of the province share their texts again in the Fortress of San Carlos de La Cabaña, this time in the framework of the 29th International Book Fair, which takes place in Havana between February 6 and 16.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- The event is dedicated to the Socialist Republic of Vietnam as a country guest of honor, the historian Ana Cairo Ballester and playwright Eugenio Hernández Espinosa, National Theater Award.

The Sanlope publishing house, from Las Tunas, presents at the fairgrounds the children's literature notebooks Gaby en París y otros viajes (Gaby in París and other trips), by Maritza Batista; and Tales of Small Stone (Cuentos de Piedra Chica), by Irma Rosa Govín.

As for poetry, they attend with Con el gesto del bufón (With the gesture of the jester), by Domingo Peña, 2018 Cucalambé Award; Sepia, by Saimy K. Torres; and Todos los trenes pasan por Omaja (All trains pass through Omaja), by Adalberto Hechavarría.

Of the research area is Letras y memoria, Las Tunas 1857-2017 (Letters and Memory, Las Tunas 1857-2017), by Antonio Gutiérrez; a book that becomes an approach to the work of 58 notorious authors in 160 years of literature in the Balcony of Eastern Cuba.

In addition, some countrymen present their creations under the seal of other publishers in the country, such as El árbol de los vientos (The Tree of the Winds), the first published book by young Raúl Leyva Pupo, who saw the light thanks to the Sed de Belleza publishing house, Villa Clara.

The provincial chapter of the long-awaited success of the letters is expected to be developed, according to the Organizing Commission of the Book Fair in this city, from March 31 to April 4, 2020.