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Wind Energy for the Future (+Map and graph)

Written by Gianny López Brito - Visió
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Cuba is committed to the development of renewable energy sources, such as wind, in order to achieve the change in its energy matrix.


Las Tunas, Cuba.- The materialization of an investment project unprecedented in the country, the wind parks complex of La Herradura 1 and 2 highlights in this effort.

The initiative has the participation of the Engineering and Projects of Electricity Company. "For the first time our specialists assume a construction of this type, which needs the support of several organisms so that the final result is satisfactory. In addition, we will build an electrical substation that will enable the conversion of wind energy into direct current, a real challenge for our team," explained the general director of the entity, the engineer Delice Moreno García.

A significant advance of the project was the arrival by Carúpano port of the first 11 wind turbines from China, as well as other components for the La Herradura 1 farm.

"During the first days of February other shipments with more wind turbines, as well as blades or propellers and the first poles, essential for the construction of the substation, will arrive," added Carlos Arias Sobrino, director of the Electric Company of Las Tunas.

La Herradura, on the north coast of the municipality of Jesús Menéndez, was determined as the ideal site for the stable operation of 54 wind turbines, after an analysis of the environmental conditions of the region.

"The wind turbines at world market when starting the projects were 1.5 MegaWatts (MW), and therefore, they were used in the design of La Herradura 1. Subsequently, it was decided to expand the site and we could do it with 2.5 MW machines, available at that time," said engineer Yadiel Martínez Rodríguez, director of the base business unit (UEB) of Renewable Energies.

There is also an area belonging to the Electric Company of Las Tunas that has the parameters of winds required for the development of wind energy on the littoral of the municipality of Manatí. The project is in tendering period with a Spanish entity at this moment.

Cuban eolic mapThere are several wind generation projects in different stage; the program is to be concluded in 2023

The start-up of the Las Tunas wind parks complex will allow the generation of 280 GigaWatts / hour (GW/H) every year, representing a saving of 77,000 tons of fuel.

It will greatly benefit the nation's economy and will positively impact th@e protection of the environment, a commitment to which Cuba is a protagonist.

cuban  energy matrix by 2030Cuban energy matrix by 2030


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