The protagonist of this story does not believe that she is already 97 years old, much less in the age-old physical conditions. She still has enough energy to live, which is to sow as a fervent José Martí follower.

Puerto Padre, Las Tunas.- In her childhood years, San Manuel was the place to learn how to walk through life with sisters and brothers, also to give birth to the desire to do something useful in favor of a more just cause.

That is why, when the Revolution triumphed, she was dedicated to the construction of a new society and founded, in Puerto Padre, the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC), the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR) and the National Revolutionary Militias (MNR).

After that story, I approached her in a good day and discovered a huge flow in her prodigious memory. There is not a detail of those days that she has forgotten; hence she always has in mind the old companions such as Paula Labrada, Matilde Miranda and Lidia Jareño, who were in those years of work the FMC in the town.

Esperanza Freijoso Sánchez still has the beauty of that time and although the passage of time has left traces on her hair and face. She enjoys simply talking about that time and everything they did and do, because she remains as a militant of the Communist Party of Cuba, and is very active in mass organizations.

Esperancita, as they call her, looks in the photographs of that time, which she keeps with zeal, the complicity necessary to attest to everything she says and smiles mischievously when she recognizes herself as a girl, with brave and very firm steps.

EsperancitaShe was about 30 years old when she decided to devote herself to her beloved Cuba. Her house is still the scene of meetings, parties and commemorations. As a hostess, she takes advantage of the meetings to talk about the organization and the benefits of the revolutionary process in which she became involved since the time of the July 26 Movement.

Esperancita advises the new female leaders and shares with them her experience to make sure that the little seed cultivated 60 years ago continues to spread its branches and roots, as a symbol of continuity.

She is very happy when old and new friends go to her home to talk, learn about health or invite her to an activity, she says joyfully. She learned to be a better person in connection with women at the base, in permanent mobilizations to collect cotton, beans or coffee, and all these years. She loves Cuba, Fidel and Vilma, the fighter that she met personally and treasures beautiful memories.

Among the beautiful flowers in her garden, Esperancita confessed to me that she was very privileged for life, and with 97 years old, she is active in the organization. She does not need canes, and she is got a lot to do.

Esperancita Freijoso Sánchez is fertile creation in Puerto Padre.