Atotal of 22 thousand 885 children will benefit with the vaccine

Keeping the population free of polio is the purpose of the 59th National Polio Vaccination Campaign, whose first stage takes place from March 2 to 7, and a second from April 27 to May 2; the latter will coincide with the Immunization Week of the Americas.

In both periods, 17,086 children, from one-month-old to 2 years, 11 months and 29 days, will receive the vaccine and then - at the end of April - 5,799 infants of 9 years will receive a reactivation dose. It means that in the current edition a total of 22 thousand 885 children will benefit.

The health authorities emphasize the precautions for its administration, as it cannot be administered to those who have fever, vomiting or diarrhea. These cases are included, later, in a recovery week that will be in each phase to protect the planned universe.

They also remember that it is not administered to immune-deficient or allergic minors to any component of the anti-polio. Families should ensure that their children wait 30 minutes before and after vaccination to drink water, and thus ensure its effectiveness.

This work prevents poliomyelitis, a contagious disease that essentially affects the nervous system. Cuba was the first country in Latin America to eradicate such a condition; which is an example of the priority given to health since the first years of the Revolution.