Point of sale of the intensive garden linked to the Urban Farm of Las Tunas

Faced with the epidemiological situation that exists today in this territory, and in response to the Revolution's call to increase food production, a new establishment for the sale of healthy and fresh products was recently inaugurated in the Las Brígidas organoponic.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- This intensive garden, , located in this capital city and linked to the Urban Farm of Las Tunas, has as its usufructuary the 24-year-old Franklin Fundora, who with a great sense of belonging turned an idle area into greened plots of green and root vegetables free of chemicals.

The land, with one hectare of extension, is planted entirely with cucumbers, carrots, green beans, lettuce, beetroot, pepper, radish, eggplant, Swiss chard and other salads, in addition to scallions and chili peppers, which are sold directly to the population at the new point of sale.

 An idle area was turned into greened plots of green and root vegetables free of chemicals

With an indigenous irrigation system, locally manufactured, Franklin uses alternatives so that the water does not lack his crops, which remain active throughout the year.

As this young man told 26Digital, "many thought that such an abandoned place would never give these results, and today it is reaffirmed once again that it could be done and those good ideas define the future of any place, you just have to put it on the way.”

With sustained work, Las Brígidas was recognized as the best organoponic and intensive vegetable garden in Las Tunas during the previous year, a qualification that is currently supported by the varied production of vegetables.