Tuesday, 05 March 2019 05:25

Novelties in the Entry to Higher Education

Written by Elena Diego Parra
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The University of Las Tunas will open the BA in Tourism in the Regular Course modality next school year, as part of the government policy to facilitate access to Higher Education. Pre-university students will have at their disposal 14 scholarships while the rest will be allocated to the modalities of Contest and the Order 18.


Las Tunas, Cuba.- Manuel Guerrero Batista, executive secretary of the Provincial Commission for the entry to Higher Education, also informed in a press conference that the territorial link of the Electrical Engineering career changes next academic year. The students of Las Tunas who reach this specialty will attend it at the University of Camagüey and not at the Metallurgical Engineer Institute of Moa, where they currently do it.

Guerrero Batista said that "another novelty is the incorporation of the Short Cycle Higher Education Level, as an option for those who finish the Pre-university and do not have the requirements for admission. It also aims to meet the needs of the organisms, in terms of training qualified human resources in more specialized programs."

The disciplines that can be accessed in this way belong to pedagogical formation and the branch of Health. In the case of the first ones, the offers are Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Physics, Vocational and Labor Education, Spanish and Geography. Those that respond to the field of Medicine are Pharmaceutical Services, Radiology, Surveillance and Vector Control, Nursing, Social Work in Health, Electro medicine, Clinical Analysis and Medicine, Hygiene and Epidemiology and Cytohistopathology.

Twelfth graders may apply for this modality among their 10 options, as well as those who do not pass the entrance exams or do not show up for them. The granting of scholarships for this level will privilege those who requested it on their ballot and pass the entrance exams, secondly those who do not pass those tests and third, those who do not attend these calls. In fourth place, the scholarships will be given to middle technicians, graduates of Pre-university from previous courses, graduates of the Peasant-Workers Faculty and others.

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