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Components of Wind Farm Wind Turbines Start Arriving in Las Tunas

Written by Rosa María Ramírez Reyes - Radio Libertad
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Components of Wind Farm Wind Turbines Start Arriving in Las Tunas Photos: Rosa María Ramírez

Workers from Carúpano port unload since Thursday afternoon the first pieces of wind turbines that will be installed in the two wind farms of La Herradura.

Puerto Padre, Las Tunas.- Engineer Jesus Abréu Santiesteban, director of Business Operations of the Central-Eastern Port Services Enterprise, head of the task, said the two thousand tons of cargo, originating in the People's Republic of China, imbricate the port-transport-internal economy system.
Dockers have undertaken with enthusiasm the extraction of 33 parts of 11 wind turbines, because they know very well the importance of building the largest wind farms on the island in the north coastline of the province, which will contribute to changing the country's energy matrix.
When the ship arrived it was necessary to look for collective alternatives involving port, transporters and the electric workers, because the dimensions of the load surpass those operated in Cuban ports.
Efforts have been streamlined in Carúpano with the aim of concluding this Sunday the unloading of the parts and components of the wind turbines. The entrance of new burdens is scheduled on December 25th.

Components of Wind Farm Wind Turbines

Components of Wind Farm Wind Turbines

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