Monday, 15 April 2019 16:19

Relatives of Las Tunas’ Doctor Kidnapped in Kenya: "We Are All United"

Written by István Ojeda Bello
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Relatives of Las Tunas’ Doctor Kidnapped in Kenya: "We Are All United" Photo: István Ojeda

Friday, April 12th, was the longest night for Ada Correa Castañeira and Antonio Herrera Oduardo after learning that their son Assel Herrera Correa had been kidnapped along with his colleague fom Villa Clara, Landy Rodríguez Hernández, while they worked as medical collaborators in the Kenyan county of Mandera.


Ada is a retired worker from a childcare center, and Antonio is also retired from the Antonio Guiteras sugar mill. They evoked their struggle to give birth Assel: "He weighed about three pounds," the mother said. "The doctors did not think he would be saved, but he did it," the father added. Both are living the worst moment of their lives, but they do not feel alone. "We are all united," stressed Ada.

Cuba Asserts It Does Its Best for Return of Kidnapped Doctors (+Tweet)

"We are humble people," said Esneider Herrera Correa, Assel's brother, without hiding how much he has been impressed by the multiple phone calls and the support they are receiving. "Here we are for whatever," said a passer-by, putting his hand on Esneider's shoulder, just outside the house located in Delicias, municipality of Puerto Padre.

Both, in Assel parents' home, and in the city of Las Tunas, where Assel resides, all the support systems provided for these cases were activated, confirmed Dr.

Ismary Chantez Nieves, assistant director of medical assistance at the Gustavo Aldereguía polyclinic, institution in which the Specialist in Integral General Medicine works. The health authorities here have guaranteed the medical and psychological attention that is required in the face of extreme situations like this.

In this regard, the graduate in Psychology Yuneisy Escalona Batista insisted on the importance of respecting the internal dynamics of the family.

On Saturday, Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla spoke by phone with his Kenyan counterpart, Monica Juma, about the kidnapping of the two Cuban doctors and the actions of the government of the African nation in the face of the incident. It was also learned that negotiations between the elderly community leaders of the Kenyan county of Mandera and their counterparts in Bulahawa, Somalia, would be underway to secure the release of the doctors allegedly abducted by the Islamic group Al Shabaab.

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