Lumberjacks are training

Luis Antonio Pérez Hemmings was included in the Talent Development Program of the Cuban baseball, after the national methodologist Fránger Reynaldo saw him on the ground and considered his skills sufficient to belong to the elite of Island’s young prospects.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- At just 18 year, still in the youth category, Pérez Hemmings fundamentally pays as shortstop, a position in which he could aspire to join the National Team.

In minor categories, the tall boy born in the southern municipality of "Amancio" has also served as a pitcher, in addition to establishing himself as one of the best hitters among players of his age.

Now, there are four Las Tunas players who belong to the Program. Also shortstop Denis Peña was the only one included on the original list, while outfielders Dailier Peña and Osmani Urrutia Jr. were added later.