Tony Garage workshop

He studied Mathematics, but he always liked electronics, the secrets of circuits, and the conduction of energy that was lost through the maze of wires and more wires until it returned to the starting point or arrival?

Las Tunas, Cuba - He was attracted to electric motorcycles and looked at them carefully as they passed by. Moreover, as a young lover of challenges, of the most difficult things, he began to study those machines that did not need fuel and travel around the city because of the benefits of the accumulated energy, and he read until late at night how much manual fell into his hands.

Then, when he felt half ready to start the practice, he began to assemble and disassemble the components of electric motors, break his head with the closed circuits and find the causes of why something stopped working. Besides, when he succeeded, when he was confident in his abilities and his studies, the great opportunity of his life arrived.

"That was about seven years ago. One of the engines at my mom's company broke down and was scrapped because no one could fix it. I took it over and repaired it, in what was the big decision of my life: to quit math class to work on that kind of bike.

Antonio Brizuela Bernardo At that time, he decided to open a workshop in Las 40 neighborhood, where at a rudimentary way - if the term fits - he began his work to attract customers, until one day he felt it was too small.

"At first we didn't think we would get that far. When we saw that the first workshop was no longer enough because of the number of clients, we sold that house and bought this land, where I am building my house and founded the current workshop. We have done all this, we are the builders, the helpers, everything".

Thus, the young Antonio Brizuela Bernardo gave a total turn to a social activity that every day has more demand, and in 33 Lico Cruz Street, between F. Suárez and Máximo Gómez, in this city, reopened the Tony Garage workshop. This one has all the conditions, where every day dozens of electric or motorcycles arrive with some problem to go well a few hours later.

"The training of the collective has been one of the keys to our success. Each one of the six workers has been specializing and today we cover all the components of these machines, with a mission that we have very clear: to alleviate the problem of transport and, above all, to contribute to the care of the environment, because the electric motorcycles are ecological. That is possible with the constant study of technology that changes and becomes more complex".

The atmosphere in the workshop is pleasant. The small collective has decorated it in a functional way, and the customers feel comfortable and well attended. Even if someone's bike breaks down far from the workshop, the phone and go to the place and if they cannot solve it right there, they tow it to the workshop and then walk out again.

"Our mission is that all motorcycles walk. Every month we meet and draw the line of work. Our service is the best we have. If the electric bikes enter the workshop around 8:00 in the morning, no matter what the problem is, it has to walk out at noon and be fine. Here the one who arrives has a solution. We don't fail!"

Moreover, he does not say more because he has to attend a customer who asks for him. The workshop is still active, the workers are busy at each of their workplaces and the smiles of the bikers when they pick up their equipment and leave is the best way to check the efficiency of this group of young entrepreneurs.