The rigor in the active health inquiry is one of the measures applied in Las Tunas.

In face of the increase in people infected with COVID-19 in this city in the last 15 days, the Temporary Working Group to confront the pandemic in Las Tunas approved new measures that begin to be applied this Monday.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- The actions correspond, fundamentally, to Education, Transportation, Commerce and Gastronomy, Public Health and Communal Services, which were explained in detail to the press by Yelenis Tornet Velázquez, vice-governor of the province, and representatives of the agencies.

In the case of Education, it was approved that all the schools of the different teachings in the urban area of the municipality will not open their classrooms until April 20, with a few exceptions and in correspondence with the behavior to avoid the spread of the disease; the students will receive the classes through the television broadcasts of the Educativo Channel in their own homes, for which they have the study material base.

Nílser Piñera Cruz, Director of Education in this eastern territory, specified that twelve graders are exempt from this decision, for whom prophylactic conditions have been created in their respective schools to prepare for the entrance exams to University.

The teaching staff and other workers - the manager added - will embrace the objective reality of each school, based on the need to authorize the presence of the essentials or telework.

Higher Education will be at a distance and only those who are studying terminal years of Medical Sciences will be accepted for face-to-face teaching.

The Directorate of Transportation stated that it will incorporate more regulatory measures to those that had been applied, such as the prohibition of state and private vehicles of mass transportation from the city of Las Tunas to other municipalities and vice versa, and they may only circulate for very justified reasons, for which approval mechanisms have been created.

Meanwhile, trips to Havana for medical consultations have an answer with the departure of a bus every week from the municipalities of Las Tunas, Puerto Padre and Amancio.

Urban transport services in the provincial capital will continue to circulate, although with less availability of buses and limited capacity, as well as motorcycle taxis, horse-drawn carriages, and pedicabs.

In addition to working with greater rigor in the inquiries, Public Health will ensure that the Ernesto Guevara hospital and the Mártires de Las Tunas pediatric hospital comply with the prohibition of regular visits to patients and limit the companions of people who attend outpatient consultations.

The measures also contemplate that the wake at the funeral home will take place for a maximum of two hours from the receipt of the body, while the cemetery will only be open for burial and exhumation.

All gastronomic units stop providing face-to-face services, only take-out food will be sold, in addition to facilitating home delivery for those who wish it.

The municipality of Las Tunas, which is in the third phase of the post-COVID-19 recovery, has an incidence rate higher than 40 per 100,000 inhabitants, and since the disease was detected in Cuba in March 2020, the highest number of confirmed cases was on the 15th of the current month, with 20, and afterward, various figures have been registered, but they have never exceeded twenty.