Lula acknowledges injustice against him but it is greater for Brazil.   Photo: Twitter @AgenciaTelamThe former president of Brazil Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said Wednesday that he is aware of the great injustice that was committed against him, but the suffering that this may have caused him is minimal compared to that of his poor compatriots who are currently plagued by pandemics, hunger and unemployment.

Sao Paulo.- Lula appeared before the press after having recovered his political rights, after the Brazilian Justice annulled on Monday all the convictions against him in the context of the Lava Jato case. The founder of the Workers' Party dispelled his supporters' doubts about eventual grudges after his unjust imprisonment and the barrage of lies spread against him.

He stated that it was right to have given up his freedom for 580 days to demonstrate from prison that he is innocent and that his dignity is intact. He also said that he has no reason to harbor pain since his suffering is not comparable to that of his compatriots who feel the uncertainty of not having a job or not being able to feed their children. And he pointed to the suffering of the 270,000 Brazilians who lost family members due to the coronavirus pandemic and could not even say goodbye to them.

He said that now the important thing is to look at the problems of a country that has no government, and where for a long time the State has not been present in matters of employment, salaries, health, education, culture, and other urgent matters.

He also stated that the sentences imposed before the Public Prosecutor's Office of Paraná (Curitiba) have been annulled, but it is necessary to continue fighting to prove that the former judge Sergio Moro was biased.

In this regard, he asserted that clay gods do not last long and that those who have reason to be concerned are Moro and the special prosecutor of Lava Jato, Deltan Dallagnol. (RHC)