The people of Las Tunas went to the streets to celebrates the Lumberjacks second championship

For as long as this reporter can remember, people went to the stadium to "have fun" with that basement team, cheering every game as if their lives depended on it.

Keniel Ferrás was awarded as the postseason MVP

Armed with extreme confidence and courage, tested in such imposing venues as the Latinoamericano Stadium, right-handed Keniel Ferraz dazzled an entire country with an absolute record of 6-0 in the postseason of the 62nd Cuban National Baseball Series; a performance that added to the unassailable crown of the Las Tunas Lumberjacks earn him the well-deserved Most Valuable Player (MVP) award of these playoffs.

Las Tunas Lumberjacks celebrate their victory in the 62nd National Baseball Series

On the sacred diamond of the Latinoamericano stadium, against the most successful team on the Island, and with an incontestable victory -final playoff sweep-, the Las Tunas Lumberjacks won their second title in Cuban National Baseball Series on Friday, after beating the Industriales Blue Lions 6-1.

Leñadores won their second crown in Cuban National Baseball Series

The Leñadores de Las Tunas (Las Tunas Lumberjacks) won their second Cuban Baseball Championship tonight on the sacred ground of the Latinoamericano Stadium, in front of the most successful team on the Island, and with an incontestable victory.