Yúnior Otero led the attack of the Lumberjacks line-up.

The Las Tunas Lumberjacks are one step away from glory again, after beating the Industriales this Thursday for the third time in a row with a comfortable score of 8-1, supported by a great offensive day of Yúnior Josué Otero and, once again, the record-breaking Keniel Ferraz.

Second game of the Cuban Baseball Final

In another wink to glory, Dánel Castro brought out virtues that, over the years, have catapulted him to eternity as the third bat for the Lumberjacks, and with a two-run single guided his team to the 4-3 victory over Industriales in the second game of the final of the 62nd National Baseball Series.

Las Tunas places third in the eastern key.

The Las Tunas squad took revenge and defeated the experienced group of Granma 3-2 on Monday, just one day after the visitors thrashed the locals 8-3, in a match of the elite round of the National Indoor Soccer League.