Lumberjacks, in the postseason of the 2nd Elite League

With the usual formula, hitting until they were tired, the Leñadores (Lumberjacks) made their way to the next round of the 2nd Elite League, after beating the Gallos (Roosters) from Sancti Spíritus by way of a 12-2 knockout in the penultimate duel of the qualifying phase. Despite having an unstable performance on most of the schedule, they still have a chance of taking second place in the standings.

Left-handed Uberleydis Estévez Rodríguez, new reinforcement player.

Discomfort in his pitching arm makes it impossible for Luis Alejandro Serpa, from Cienfuegos, to continue in the Leñadores roster (Lumberjacks) for the 2nd Elite League of Cuban Baseball; therefore, the Las Tunas provincial commission announced left-handed Uberleydis Estévez Rodríguez as a replacement.

Viera and Baldoquín included in Cuba's roster for Santiago de Chile 2023

According to previous predictions, with no room for surprises this time, Roberto Súliban Baldoquín and Carlos Juan Viera will be the Las Tunas representatives within the Cuba baseball team that will participate in the Santiago de Chile 2023 Pan American Games.

Three Lumberjacks in the U-23 national preselection

Las Tunas' Eliánder Bravo, Jean Lucas Baldoquín, and Yasel Pérez are fighting for the jersey of the Cuban team that will participate in the Pan American Games of the category, to be held in Nicaragua at a date to be determined.

Sorrel Alexquemer Sánchez was one of Abeisy Pantoja's choices.
"Sorrel" Alexquemer Sánchez was one of Abeisy Pantoja's choices.

With the main commitment to strengthening the pitching area as a banner, Abeysi Pantoja completed the roster of 32 players for the 2nd Elite Baseball League, where the Lumberjacks hope to add another title to their showcases.