Book Center Promotes Loving Literature

The Provincial Center for Books and Literature (CPLL) has promoted during this month a series of presentations of texts with an emphasis on the theme of love, dedicated to February 14.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- On Friday, for example, the Fulgencio Oroz bookstore promoted texts on this topic and the concertmaster Félix Ramos shared allegorical melodies.

Guitart concertmaster Félix RamosThrough the institution's radio base, writer Yuslenis Molina approached those who were passing by Colón Street to the Avenida 99 novel, by the young Raúl Leyva, whose web of good and bad dreams revolve around a woman: Anna.

Other titles related to the universal sentiment have been part of the CPLL's diffusion these days, some of them are Poemas Naúfragos (Castaway Poems), by Dulce María Loynaz; Perfumes y perfumistas (Perfumes and perfumers), Leonel Amador; and Los mundos que amo (Worlds I love), Daína Chaviano.

However, children's literature and that specialized on topics such as the environment, the History of Cuba and world peace are also promoted in educational centers and other entities.

In the program, spaces such as Viernes del Libro (Friday of the Book), Letras al Viento (Letters to the Wind), Punto de Vista (Point of View), Leer abre puertas (Reading opens doors), and Por las páginas de un libro (Within the pages of a book) stand out, aimed at bringing the reader the different literary proposals, with the support of radio base stations and small-format activities. given the epidemiological situation.