Professionals of the Guillermo Domínguez Hospital care for patients with acute respiratory infections They know each other alone, they walk the rooms, they take care of each other, they dig beyond death, and they battle together for life. They consult, they explore protocols, and they don’t take off from patients.

Puerto Padre, Las Tunas.- They are the professionals of the Guillermo Domínguez López General Teaching Hospital, in Puerto Padre, who protect hope and face acute respiratory infections throughout the province.

Professionals of the Guillermo Domínguez Hospital care for patients with acute respiratory infections In genuine symbiosis, experienced and new, they magnify the soul and fight to return the sick home. Each discharge is a victory, and before death the pain makes them tremble, they do not exercise to be defeated.

There are no names; they are all one and one is all. This is how the workers of the Puerto Padre’s health institution are shown, who make the humanist vocation, distinctive of the army of white coats, shines.

More than twenty patients required of hospitalization find valiant life-saving people there.

There is excessive bravery in each task; they dress on courage so that in the 24 hours in front of patients there are no setbacks. Rest is apparent, because if one needs to enter the room, there they are together, old and new doctors, nurses, technologists ... support staff.

The Red Zone, just naming it, is scary, and they feel it too. They are human, and they face a disease that hides its face. While the results are not in their possession, they know that the danger of the COVID-19 lurks.

The first group went to isolation for 14 days; they carried with them unique and common stories of days and nights in suspense for life. The second is weaving its own stories because it includes professionals from Education, who are in charge of cleaning and distributing food.

Among them, there is a brotherhood, countersigned in every action for security. Beautiful pages of commitment and duty signify the fight of each day. When everything passes and these months are nightmares of the past, they will remember that behind crystals life is the highest expression.