Protection measures were taken on time

"Laura" left Cuba, and again the teachings in the confrontation with meteorological phenomena confirm that if we are prepared, the damage is minimal or null.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- Such is the case of the cultural institutions of this eastern province, which quickly took the necessary measures to avoid the damage.

Ricardo Ávalos Avilés, director of the Provincial Registry of Cultural AssetsRicardo Ávalos Avilés, director of the Provincial Registry of Cultural Assets, attached to the Provincial Heritage Center, reaffirmed to 26Digital that there was no negative effect on the patrimonial assets of the territory and to a large extent it had to do with measures taken on time.

"From the Provincial Heritage Center we checked that in all municipalities the permanent exhibitions were dismantled and stored in the warehouses with due protection, that the doors and windows were propped up, crystal windows of the institutions that required it were sealed, and other actions that preserved our treasures,” he said.

María de los Ángeles Museo ProvincialIn the Mayor General Vicente García González provincial museum, according to María de los Ángeles Romero Cabrera, a promoter of that cultural center, the objects from Warehouse 1, which are pieces of great value, were protected; and everything that could be at risk such as amphoras, bills, documents written by personalities as participants in the wars of independence, unique photographs…, in addition to securing doors and windows.

Fortunately, this is the reality of all institutions of this type, according to Ávalo, a reaffirmation of the experience that Cuba has in safeguarding important goods for the nation, wether material, or human.