Association of Cuban Sugar Technicians there contributes a lot to the achievements at Majibacoa sugar mill

National Comprehensive Award for the quality and safety of sugar, compliance with the production plan and energy efficiency performance were among the main achievements of the Association of Cuban Sugar Technicians (ATAC) at the Majibacoa sugar mill.

This was evidenced in the annual report prepared by its members in the Majibacoa Colossus. The president of this structure, Jorge Ávila Vázquez, commented that the meeting was an opportunity to recognize the progress of the sector and at the same time renew the commitments in the current calendar.

"We have worked on the legalization of the three phases of the technical standard with the carrying out of inspections, equipment repair and evaluation of the results. All this work is the premise of the harvest to ensure efficiency.

"We managed to reduce the lost time, with the implementation of the management system of each of the types of maintenance, and the performance of the quality and safety improvement groups so that the final product meets the requirements at the international level".

Currently, 42 workers are part of the organization and although they still aspire to incorporate new technicians, the number has increased with respect to other periods. "In 2014, there were only nine associates, so the executive of the base body took on the task of adding technicians to take advantage of those potentials that were really lost. The following year, there were 25 members, and in 2017 the number increased to 31 to reach the current number," he said.

Among the achievements, he also highlights the innovations and projects emanating from the Science and Technology Forum. "We analyzed the bank of problems before and during the harvest to find solutions through research presented at the base, at the provincial, national and international level. From there, they are applied to solve the issues that affect the processes".

During the Analysis Meeting, the most outstanding of this structure in the recently concluded year were recognized. The Majibacoa sugar mill is one of the most efficient industrial plants in the country and the Association of Cuban Sugar Technicians there contributes a lot to these results, which is a good reason to reaffirm its potential in 2020.