Tecnoazúcar offers products through the page www.MallHabana.com

The commercialization of products that Tecnoazúcar offers through the page www.MallHabana.com allows purchases to be made from abroad to all municipalities in the province of Las Tunas.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- Already active and in use, the commercial proposal of the Base Business Unit (UEB) Tecnoazúcar Las Tunas, belonging to the Azcuba sector, this week began its sales on the virtual platform.

Marileisis Quintana Trujillo, head of the Development and Investments GroupMarileisis Quintana Trujillo, head of the Development and Investments Group, informed 26 that the first orders were made effective and "although we give a period of up to seven days for customers to receive their merchandise, depending on the availability of resources, we intend to do so in the shortest time possible in order to meet even more demand."

The specialist explained that without interfering in the usual orders, the initiative responds to a new mechanism, to generate income for the entity in FCC, "since many companies sell us inputs in this currency and this is a way in the search for financing and guarantee more productions both for import substitution and for the sale of products outside our borders."

During these opening days, “among the products that are currently on offer include meat and sausages, although, in a short term we have planned the incorporation of rums, ice cream syrups, refined sugar, candies, antibacterial gel, and smoked products, among other assortments of complete elaboration in our units.

"The site proposes other articles not related to our institution, which users can access, but we are responsible only for the distribution of ours because the others have other transfer mechanisms," Quintana Trujillo clarified.

The offers that are made available on this shopping gateway have a high quality and presence, as well as being widely accepted by customers, says Madelín Pérez Flores, UEB Commercial specialist. "We are going to have the privilege of selling the exquisite Conde de Cuba Siete años rum, which until now had not been released on the market and now we offer it in this modality."

From the infrastructure, Yisel Almaguer Mariño, a specialist in Computer Science of the local entity, explains that to access these online purchases from abroad the path is expeditious. “When you enter the page you add the products to the shopping cart, then you give the order to pay and a form is automatically sent to you to specify the recipient's data. We started with payments through Mastercard, Visa and Maestro cards; however, some customers have already confirmed that they have done so through bank transfers.

"It is also important that the page sends a confirmation of the purchase made with the amount and right there the customer can obtain a copy of it for greater security. Later, that order reaches us, and our delivery team is activated. We send it to the client in any of the municipalities of this province,” the informatics said.

Tecnoazúcar staff

Anisleydis Partido and Jessica Pérez play important roles in Tecnoazúcar, but now they will add one more. They will be in charge of the home delivery of the products purchased and for them, responsibility and respect will be vital. "Without neglecting health measures to avoid the spread of Covid-19 and protect both customers and our team, we will take orders to each of the homes safely. With this, they feel confident and will continue to contract our offers and services," both stated.

The prospect of expanding in this type of currency is an engine that encourages Tecnoazúcar Las Tunas since many clients residing in the territory and owners of non-state forms of management are interested in acquiring them but paying with their national FCC bank accounts. Reasons why, in this entity, they should direct efforts to sell these and other products in the local market with these characteristics.

The opening of this modality in hard currency is part of the restructuring of the entire country in the midst of a tense situation, as a result of the intensification of the economic blockade and the difficulties caused by the pandemic. However, the main offer is still the substitution of imports and the production of food for the people.

Hence, obtaining these external benefits is not the only objective of Tecnoazúcar Las Tunas. The group puts effort into its work and guarantees a good job so that not only in the territory but in other latitudes, the main sugar lines are weighed for their quality and service.