Thursday, 09 May 2019 16:37

Friendly Hug from Martinique

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With a tour of the historic center of the city and a visit to the El Cucalambé Professional School of Art began the stay here of a group of solidarity with Cuba activists from Martinique, who also came with the purpose of making known to that Caribbean island, the reality of our country.

Thursday, 09 May 2019 16:02

Evoluciona, A Call for Gender Equity

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The national campaign Evoluciona (Evolves) for the nonviolence towards women, sponsored by the Oscar Arnulfo Romero Center (OAR), has found in Las Tunas a fertile scenario to massif this knowledge and eradicate the latent prejudices in society.

Wednesday, 08 May 2019 14:51

Giant African Snail, A Distant Danger?

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Since the first sighting in the country, the media have emphasized the relevance of following the appropriate measures to eradicate the giant African snail of the Cuban fauna.

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