Workshop for the Exchange of Experiences between Producers, in Majibacoa.

Since its foundation, the Frank País agricultural production cooperative (CPA) has demonstrated its profitability. The results are increasing while implementing the Ordering Task, and it directs its efforts to diversify productions.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- The figures and stability of the workforce confirm it. Adis Oliver Moreno, president of the CPA's grassroots organization, states that the cost per peso is 26 cents, systematic sales are made to their farmers at cost prices and they have managed to pay around 2,800 pesos in advance as a monthly average, all without debts to the bank or companies.

The foregoing was known in the Workshop for the Exchange of Experiences between Producers in the municipality of Majibacoa, as part of a process that the province develops until the first days of April and that ponders the best actions of each territory after putting the Ordering Task into practice in the cooperative and peasant sectors.

Workshop for the Exchange of Experiences between Producers, in Majibacoa.“During these meetings - explains Roberto Medrano Ledezma, president of the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP) in Las Tunas - it has been shown that more can be produced, and efficiently. Many advanced peasants and cooperatives have demonstrated it and the focus today has to be directed to increasing the economy and profits with more production, to support those who produce.”

The young farmer Alexis Arbella Cruz, from the “Frank País”, explained the indexes that he achieves in his eight roses. With the application of science and technology, various bioproducts, polyculture, and the use of animal traction, his plots are diversified to the point that he harvests vegetables and other crops with very few resources.

In each of these spaces, the premise is clear. Now the costs will be higher, but they can only be reduced through efficiency. The Ordering Task has the challenge of ensuring that prices and inflation do not exceed what was planned. In this sector, that is decisive due to its responsibility with a national security issue: food production.

The country seeks food sovereignty and the Ordering Task came to mobilize us to create the conditions that allow development.