Las Tunas Local Industries Company, VASCAL.

The Las Tunas Local Industries Company, VASCAL, dedicates efforts to insert itself in the export market abroad and at borders while working on the revitalization of lines of tradition and high demand.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- Carlos Ricardo Palmero, development director of the entity, told 26 that they promote the production of the Las Tunas Guayabera shirt, the guaniquiqui furniture and the natural fiber handicrafts for foreign clients.

Vascal Las Tunas CompanyTo date, he states, the greatest advances are reported in the classic Cuban garment, which registers sales to the Chamber of Commerce of the region, the Ministry of Foreign Trade and local clients such as Cubataxi, although they hold exchanges with an interested foreign client.

Ricardo Palmero also points out that the Guayabera shirt from Las Tunas undergoes a trademark registration process under the name of Birama and enjoyed great acceptance at a fair held in ExpoCuba in 2019 and during the 10th Business Round, which took place recently in the province.

In the warehouses, he says, they have this garment and they adjust details to specify the import of the necessary fabric in order to continue with the manufacture of the piece.

Another of the productions to promote sales abroad is the guaniquiqui furniture, whose turnover is revitalized in a workshop in the municipality of Jobabo and they also work on trademark registration.

Basket weaving, headgear and beach blankets made from oba - an aquatic plant found in the reservoirs of the province - are also part of the productions that they promote with a view to export.

"We also work with yarey fiber in the municipalities of Jobabo and Majibacoa. In addition, in Amancio, a territory with a long tradition in fibers weaving, we also carry out these productions that we are studying to sell through the establishment of agreements with specialized companies,” he stressed.

Vascal Las Tunas CompanyThe Director of Development of VASCAL assures, in turn, that in order to achieve superior quality in their productions they join efforts with the Center for Information and Technological Management (CIGET), for the implementation of the Quality and Environmental Management System, which ensure standards in tune with international trade.

He appreciates that the new Cuban economic scenario and the need to export represent a challenge for VASCAL, and the search for new strategies and production lines, in addition to resuming other already interrupted ones.

"The expansion of the powers of the companies affected us to a certain extent since we stopped having the raw material generated by other industries that began to use them for their own good. This situation has forced us to be more active and creative, to look for alternatives and the highest efficiency, all based on local resources.

"However, one of our strengths is the possibility of producing and marketing goods and services of all kinds, with the exception of food, so that we have an immense range of productions. We see in exports a necessary and essential path for progress,” he stresses.

With the premise of endowing its productions with variety, safety, and quality, the VASCAL Local Industries Company also looks at the benefits of local development projects and adjusts the mechanisms in its eight base business units (UEB), where there are about 600 workers, who manufacture a wide variety of assortments such as various components for the housing program, graphic prints, mattresses, and textiles, among others.

Vascal Las Tunas Company